To lead a comfortable life and provide for our family the necessities of a good education, clothing, shelter and food we need to secure and hold onto top jobs. To achieve this goal we need to first have the necessary qualifications, experience, skills and attitude among many other inherent traits.

It is only when we have all the requirements for the best jobs that we can walk into an interview tall and straight and negotiate to secure that job. If we lack certain skills there are today the people who could help you to hone those skills and still go forward in life.

In Sri Lanka we have today rakiyawa the people who can make dreams of others happen. Backed by years of experience we can prepare you to unleash the confidence require to secure the topjobs.

From the designing and compiling of your qualifications to adding on skills that you would lack and the preparation of a top class cv, we will help you in everything, that you would need to secure the jobs you desire.

Since our establishment we have helped many like you to achieve their dreams and are today holding top jobs in a multitude of professions. The initial challenges have not been easy for them, but with our professional inputs they have managed to achieve success.

Applying for vacancies appearing in various media would not suffice, you need to back it back with professional inputs and that is what we at rakiyawa do best. We help applicants move through the whole process, and we conduct assessments and see them through till they succeed in the jobs that suit their qualifications and skills.

There are various new jobs available with us and we screen those registered with us and find the job that you would fit in like a hand into a glove. Our success rate is above average as we take a keen interest in what your skills are and finding the right job for you.

We consider everyone who comes to us as employable, and it is only that different skills are needed for different jobs, so finding the right job to suit your skill is our challenge and prerogative.